You Are Worth the Space Your Body Occupies

I hate to come back after so long with sad news, but I felt the need to say a few words about someone who inspired me in this craft I’ve come to love so much.

They say those who smile the brightest, are often the saddest. I only recently re-learned to crochet, and it instantly became a passion for me. It’s calming, fun, and insanely gratifying to “turn string into things.” As is my MO, when I become obsessed with something, I seek out a ton of different things related to my obsession, and one of those happened to be Wink from A Creative Being. She was so funny, sweet, and inspiring in her writings, and I have a ton of her pages and patterns saved. I am heartbroken about her sister’s post, and as someone who walks the line, fights the battle, and knows the darkness quite well, I can’t help but be frustrated and angry that depression took another one. She’s at peace now, but her spirit lives on in her work, and I am inspired to take up a project of her creation in memoriam of someone who has brought me more than one smile and “Oooh, I gotta make that” moment. Rest in peace, Wink.

I would love it if my tiny reader base would head to her blog and spend a few moments there. Wink was loved by a lot of people, and her kind spirit will be missed by so many. And I cannot end a post about taking one’s own life without encouraging anyone who may have the same thoughts to seek help. Even if you call the National Suicide Hotline (in the US: (800) 273-8255) and say “if I don’t talk to you, I may kill myself tonight.”, they won’t judge and they won’t ask any questions, they will just talk to you. So don’t suffer alone. Reach out, people who care are out there.

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